• Sam Burville

Keeping your wedding day in focus.

Wedding photography is very subjective with many ways to achieve the desired effect for each shot. Every image requires vision and planning to get each one right.

As a wedding photographer what do you want the focal point of the image to be..? Do you want the background to maintain a sharp focus or isolate the subject by creating background blur..? 

Taking creative control of the camera is what really separates a snap-shot and a beautiful wedding photo to go in the wedding album. 

How and where the camera focuses is primarily controlled by the aperture settings and choosing the right focus point.

In this image the camera aperture has been set wide open to give a very shallow depth of field. The focus point is solely set on the couple ensuring the viewers eye is drawn directly to them with the background completely obscured.

When you have such a beautiful setting sometimes you will ​want to keep the background just ​​as sharp as the foreground. In this image you have the bride and groom with the bridesmaids waiting patiently in the background. In this instance, setting a smaller aperture has kept everyone in focus which really adds to the image and helps to tell the story of the wedding day, of a moment the couple may have missed themselves.

When and where to use each of their techniques is really down to the individual and what message is trying to be conveyed in each image. 

Just remember: wide apertures help isolate the bride and groom removing them from all potential distractions, however keeping everything in focus can help in telling the story and set the scene of the wedding day.

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