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Wedding photography, does it have to cost the earth?

The Truth Behind Wedding Photography Costs

Can’t you just ask "Good Old Uncle John" and his new camera to cover your big day..?

Well yes you could but perhaps not the best idea unless you want an album full of photos you may never want to look at again ;-)

Maybe you are wondering what is difficult about wedding photography...?

On average a photographer will spend between 20 - 30 hours working on every wedding, here are some of the associated activities: 

- Pre- wedding consultations. - Venue scouting / familiarisation. 

- Travel times.

- Setting up.

- Actual photography.

- Uploading and backing up photos.

- Editing.

- Printing.

- Packaging prints, and shipping.

So in short, you are paying for time........

It's true; anyone can pick up a camera, but it takes a skilled professional to deliver the standard of pictures you’ll love looking at and sharing.

So in fact you are paying for experience, paying for someone that knows exactly what to do, someone that has done this for years, someone that you can trust, someone you don’t need to worry about, someone you know will produce a photo album and story of your day that will bring a tear to your eyes.

Accounting for the unexpected is something else that is rarely thought about, what happens if any of these happen to your photographer on your big day....?

- Car breaks down.

- Falls ill.

- Camera breaks.

- Memory card fails.

A professional photographer will always have a PLAN B they can spring into action at any given time whether it be back up equipment or in some cases a backup photographer.

Is that something you really want to put on "Good Old Uncle John's" shoulders...?

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