• Sam Burville

Wedding Photography - Photojournalism

I have often been asked to describe my style of photography by my wedding couples and always used to struggle to put this into words.

When I first started out in photography I had never heard of the term "photojournalism" I just enjoyed creating beautiful images and from there my style naturally developed (excuse the photography pun!!)

Most photographers would describe my style as "photojournalism" but what does this mean in the real world..? 

I've always taken images to remind me of what it was like to actually be there at that moment in time and for that photograph to convey a message and have a meaning.

Depicting a wedding in a totally authentic way means there is no way of predicting or repeating the things that happen throughout the day. Every wedding day is unique. Every couple have different personalities with different aspirations of what their wedding day will be like. This is what makes my job so challenging yet so rewarding at the same time!!

My style is all about capturing the day's events as they happen naturally with as minimal interference from me as possible. Your time is precious and as a bride or groom your wedding day will fly by in no time at all and your beautiful day will come to a close. 

My job is to capture your big day and create a record of family history to last generations.

My couples do not want to be spending hours taking endless staged pictures, they want to enjoy their time and have images that portray the beautiful story of their wedding day.

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