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Which Professional Wedding Photographer?

Make sure you do your homework....

Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life and  understandably a moment in time that you would like to remember for many years to come.

But with so many "professional photographers" to choose from, how do you know who is best for you..?

In our last blog update we shared with you our top questions you need to ask your professional wedding photographer before going ahead with your booking. (See image right)

In this weeks update we are going to answer key questions to help identify who is the right wedding photographer for you!!

- What information do you need from me before my wedding day..?

The basics seem fairly obvious, i.e : Name of the bride and groom, wedding date, wedding venue, reception venue etc..

We have a detailed form (boring form filling I know, I know) that we will guide you through. This really helps build a fully comprehensive picture of how your wedding day is scheduled ensuring we are in the right place at the right time to get that perfect shot.

- Can I request certain images to be taken..?

The answer to this question should always be yes!!

Remember who is the paying customer here; sure, you are paying for your chosen photographer's eye and artistic flair however this should not be at the expense of your own likes and dislikes.

We will always work with you before your wedding day to compile a "must have shot list" specific to your day.

- What precautions do you take to ensure my wedding day runs smoothly..?

Imagine your perfect wedding day, everything goes off without a hitch which is what everyone is trying to achieve, but what happens if things do go wrong..? 

- Camera failure.

- Faulty memory card. - Accidental deleted images.

Although rare these are all very real potential risks to any wedding photographer that can and do happen from time to time.

The important thing here is to minimise the risks as far as is practically possible. We do this by always having a back-up camera; should a camera fail during your wedding we will always have another so no moment is missed.

Our professional DSLR cameras also have dual memory card slots, if memory card A should fail, memory card B provides backup / redundancy.

- How many images should I receive from my wedding..?

Difficult one to answer as it is very dependent upon the type of coverage being offered, however on average I would suggest anywhere between 100 - 200 images.

- How long after my wedding will it take to receive my photos..?

Editing images and digital processing does take time to do correctly, typically to process and deliver all images I would estimate between 1-2 weeks. Having said that we will always strive to have a handful of key images available online for digital download the very next day.

- As a professional photographer, what insurance do you have..?

All professional photographers should have both indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, yes it is expensive but also completely necessary.

If your photographer does not have sufficient insurance you must be prepared to walk away and look elsewhere.

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